How Technology Boosts Editing Timeframes

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Editing a book is a long and involved process that leaves authors frustrated and anxious. It’s why many choose to hire editors to do the work for them. The turnaround time for editing is not decreased that way, but technology could help with that.

The Editing Process

In general, the time it takes to edit a novel is dependent on the type of editing needed, whether it’s line editing, copyediting or proofreading. There are different stages to the editing process, all of which require the editor to spend time focused on specific aspects of the book, such as plot, character development and grammar. There are often many revisions sent between the author and editor, which means the timeline for editing can take anywhere from two weeks to six months depending on the type of editing.

The Benefits of Technology for Editing Services

It’s true that technology is changing the publishing world. More than that, technology is also changing how authors and editors can work together and decrease the amount of time it takes to fully edit a book. Thankfully, there are now technological solutions to improve the process for writers and editors alike.

EditOn is a cloud-based solution that enables authors to collaborate more efficiently with editors to decrease editing turnaround. Check out the benefits and features of this editing technology:

  • Use a cloud-based system for ease of access and operation
  • Work with multiple copywriters
  • Track all changes by the author and various editors throughout the project
  • Assign specific chapters to certain editors for faster editing
  • Receive email alerts for when a chapter is available, claimed and finished

Reducing Your Editing Time

Thanks to technological advancements, peoples’ lives are easier than ever. That includes the jobs of writers and editors, thanks to systems like EditOn. Learn more about EditOn, Amnet cloud-based solution, and begin using it today for editing that takes less time without sacrificing quality.


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