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What Do Publishers Look For in Offshore Service Providers?

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At a time in history where businesses across the globe can partner together for mutual success, many industries are turning to offshore service providers. Choosing a vendor can be a lengthy process and requires extensive collaboration. If you are considering using an offshore service provider, here are some things to look for.

Advanced Software Solutions

Most publishing components can be outsourced. These are some of the most commonly contracted-out projects:

  • Editing
  • Page production
  • Technology solutions
  • Composition
  • Proofreading
  • Template creation
  • Layout and design

The equipment and technology necessary for successful completion of these components must be available for an offshore service partnership to work. By setting expectations early, you can accurately assess whether a vendor can produce the kind of results you’re looking for.

Thorough Comprehension of the Publishing Process

Every publishing company has its own expectations and requirements. A vendor with in-depth understanding of general publishing strategies and protocols is better able to accommodate more specific and detailed projects. While some education and training may be necessary to ensure satisfaction with the results, an offshore service provider with experience in the publishing industry presents fewer road blocks and decreases the risk of errors.

Excellent Communication

Effective and timely communication is paramount for the success of any publishing endeavor. Especially for publishers in medical, scientific or technical industries, failure to inquire about details can quickly lead to wasted time and money. The ratio of cost to profit margin is considered to be 26 percent of the key challenges faced by publishers, and wasting money can be detrimental to a project. Due to nuances in language, an offshore service provider should have a team of experienced editors familiar with the subject matter dedicated to your account.

If you’re looking to minimize costs incurred by your publishing company, using an offshore service provider is a viable alternative. Amnet can help you find the perfect balance of onshore and offshore collaboration. Find out how Ament uses Smartshoring® to both increase the efficiency and decrease the costs of your publishing company.


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