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Why Open Access Is Important for STM Publishing

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Around the globe, scientific breakthroughs happen every day. To advance the findings of the important research being carried out, it is imperative that everyone, whether a layperson or a member of the scientific community, has access to consume the information.

Open Access Journals

Unfortunately, the scientific, technology and medical (STM) publishing scene has had a pay firewall for years. Many of the most reputable journals charge exorbitant subscription fees that make it financially difficult for people to access the literature. In fact, as of 2011 just 11 percent of all scientific articles were published in open access journals. The reason for the fees is the same as any business: Journals must recoup publishing costs and make a profit.

The Effect on Research

To have the most impact, peer-reviewed research must be available to anyone with an internet connection and a desire to read the information. Without open access, some of the most compelling new research may not be seen by people working on similar projects. Open access keeps research available, searchable and equitable.

Open Access Solutions

Fortunately, there are many new avenues being tested to meet the needs of both sides of the issue. Some journals have gotten creative and tried the following models:

  • Advertiser-supported instead of fee-based
  • Free online, charging for physical copies
  • Author-based fee structure

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