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5 Reasons Every Publisher Should Outsource Content Transformation

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Quality is important in digital content, but quantity is playing an increasing role in staying on top and relevant. In fact, 80% of the most successful businesses publish new online content several times every week, according to a recent study by Salesforce. Keeping up can be a challenge for authors. Here’s why publishers should outsource instead:

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing means sending part of your workload to a third-party, whether individual freelancers or an established media partner like Amnet. Here are the benefits of outsourcing for your business:

  • Project-specific talent: Knowledgeable experts in specific fields write in-depth and authoritative pieces for you.
  • Productivity: Outsourcing cuts down the time from concept to creation. You have access to a huge workforce on call.
  • Reduced technology investment: There’s no need to purchase specialized equipment.
  • Greater focus: Outsourcing repetitive tasks frees up your staff for key processes and R&D.
  • Time savings: With fewer in-house employees, required hiring and training declines significantly.

How To Find The Best Partner

Here are essential factors to focus on when searching for a qualified partner to entrust your valuable content to:

  • Logistics and quality control
  • State-of-the-art technology and XML-first workflow experience
  • Dedicated account liaison
  • Price feasibility

Amnet’s Smartshoring® services take care of all required quality control and delivery-by-date for you, creating incredible content that maximizes the benefits of outsourcing. Direct back-and-forth communication keeps you in the loop and allows for detailed customization and flexibility.

Contact Amnet for more information and one-on-one consultations to design custom solutions that address your brand’s needs and timetable.

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