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Oct 17, 2018

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It’s no secret that consumers tend to turn to digital content for their information and entertainment in today’s tech-savvy era. In fact, the amount of electronic media usage seems to increase with each passing day, as advancing technology creates new possibilities. Trade publishers can take the best aspects of this cultural shift and use it to their advantage if they are willing to think outside the box of traditional publishing models to come up with innovative ideas that get readers involved with content.

Why Trade Publishers Should Get Creative

Get Innovative

On their own, e-books are not enough to hold up the digital pillar of the publishing industry. While still fairly popular, they are not the main staple of the media diet enjoyed by the average American consumer. To catch and keep the attention of customers, trade publishers need to make room for experimenting with various digital platforms and concepts. Sometimes this means letting go of traditional release schedules in favor of something a little more dynamic and interactive for a target audience.

Get Interactive

Readers expect to have a role in their entertainment, now more than ever. Reality television utilizes viewer votes to determine the fate of contestants, primetime drama aftershows read fan questions submitted via social media on live television and open-ended video games that allow for player exploration often do extremely well. If trade publishers collaborate with programmers to develop interactive books or apps that accompany new titles, they can easily tap into this thriving market in exciting ways.

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