How Business Certainty Can Lead to Client Persuasion

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There is no doubt that certainty is crucial in shaping human behavior. The more certain you are of something, the more it will influence your decision. Reinforcing business certainty can lead your customers to buy and spend more.

People who are confident about their opinions and beliefs are likely to act faster than others. This type of certainty is crucial to achieving success in your business. Some ways of creating business certainty to facilitate client persuasion are as follows:

Creating Consensus

People feel more confident when they see that there are others who share their attitudes and beliefs. By indicating agreement in your messaging, you will be strengthening the confidence of your customer. With this type of validation, client persuasion becomes much easier. One way of doing this is by using customer satisfaction surveys where you can include a positive response toward the end. For instance, you can thank the customer for taking the time to complete the survey and then add that a certain percentage of other customers also feel the same way.

Use Repetition

When you repeat your message consistently, it helps reinforce the customer’s confidence in the service or product you are offering. This is an ideal tactic to boost people’s certainty about their attitude and will make them more willing to promote it. Again, let us take the example of a survey where you ask four to six questions about the customer’s experience in a particular situation. When the customer reiterates their position again and again, it proportionately increases their certainty. Social media is the channel most suited for this method of client persuasion.

Keep It Simple

Get your message across in a simple and direct way. Keeping things simple encourages certainty in clients, and this makes them more malleable to persuasion. For instance, when selling a product or service, stick to simplicity in terms of language used as well as any graphics. Studies indicate that fonts that are difficult to read or images that clutter up the space generate lesser certainty than those that are easy to see and read.

Eliciting a Defense

When clients are certain about their attitude, they are more likely to defend it. In the same way, they might also feel more convinced about their attitude after defending it. This makes defense an important marketing tool. So, if you know that your product or service is well liked, you can use a strategy that leads customers to defend it, thus, effectively making them more open to persuasion.

The experienced team at Amnet can effectively channel business certainty to help you with client persuasion. We strive to bring you desired results through a combination of strategies and tools. In our efforts to constantly deliver certainty and ensure business continuity, we have developed a certainty index to enable you to track our performance regularly. Talk to us today to know more about how we can help you stay ahead of the game.


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