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How Publishers Can Enhance Reader Experiences With Omnichannel Delivery

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In the past few years, technology has revolutionized digital publishing, taking readers from what was once akin to an electronic book to an omnichannel delivery experience that offers a much richer reader experience. The first e-readers were limited in what they could offer, leaving the great majority of books and magazines unavailable through this means of publishing. With the rise of the iPad and a new generation of tablets, however, even e-reader makers have realized the changing landscape of publishing and are inviting consumers into an interactive, multimedia experience. Videos, sound files and a variety of enhanced content are now available on e-readers and other tech devices, making omnichannel delivery a standard in the publishing industry.

Meeting Consumers’ Needs

The goal of omnichannel delivery is serving the needs of the consumer, or reader, not the publisher or corporate sponsor. This focus comes with the realization that readers have multiple choices at their fingertips for entertainment or work needs that provide rich content that they can—and do—use simultaneously. This presents publishers with the challenge of engaging readers across many different platforms while delivering a user experience that is fulfilling and reliably consistent.

It’s a whole new world for digital publishing, with opportunities to reach and engage new as well as traditional readers. Learn more about how Amnet can help broaden and engage your audiences.

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