Leveraging Technology Keeps Publishers Relevant

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The most important asset publishing companies have today is their strategy for use of technology. The current market provides publishers a valuable opportunity to embrace developments in STEM publishing (science, technology, engineering, and math)  that will offer them a competitive advantage. The use of technology in publishing provides advantages by reducing cost, decreasing workflow time, improving process efficiency, and supporting a dynamic product.

Reduction of Cost

Examples of technology being leveraged by the publishing sector include cloud-based editing platforms, dashboards with project overviews and relevant analytics, manuscript conversion automation, and metadata management applications. Each of these measures reduces the amount of manual work and quality control necessary on each client project and cuts down on overhead.

Better Use of Time

When publishing processes are powered by technology, a reduction in processing time results. Optimized project timelines and greater customer satisfaction are made possible by project updates that happen on a live dashboard and reports that are created at the click of a button. Technology solutions can be put to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year— an improvement on the limits of human work hours.

Improved Process Efficiency

Technology makes a publisher’s work better in multiple ways:

  • Reliably automating aspects of the publishing workflow
  • Facilitating data-based decision-making
  • Offloading repetitive tasks that don’t require human creativity

Dynamic Products

Reading is no longer one-dimensional, as it now often includes interactive components beyond words on a page. Creativity is no longer limited to traditional conventions. Writers can now offer their readers complete digital experiences, beyond what was once typically conveyed in pure narrative. Publishers must keep up with the demand to incorporate “unprintable” aspects of books in this modern literary era, making advanced publishing technology essential.

STEM developments have empowered authors and also increased their expectations. Publishers now bear the burden of responsibility to remain relevant in a quickly changing technological environment. Amnet Systems provides custom technology solutions that power the upgraded business practices necessary to compete in the STEM publishing sector.

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