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3 Children’s Book Trends on the Horizon

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Kids of all ages have been delighted by books for as long as children’s books have been around. Both children’s fiction and nonfiction books serve up endless hours of entertainment by engaging kids in imaginary worlds that captivate and delight. Studies have shown that books are also extremely important to developing creativity and connecting neurons in the brain.

Whether its comics or activity books, parents love when their kids turn away from screens and devices and get back to one of the most classic forms of entertainment and learning. Here are three trends to look out for when it comes to children’s books.

1) Activity Books Explode in Popularity

Creativity has become an almost sacred word when it comes to teaching children in their formative years to be creators as well as students. Activity books feature exercises and puzzles that force youngsters to work their way through with little more than their intellect and some fun tools.

These books allow kids to put on their archaeologist hats and search for fossils, or they can cook up a crazy experiment in the kitchen and develop a love for science.

2) Fantasy Universes Continue to Delight

Children have always loved the wonder and magic of worlds different from their own. Comics and superheroes allow kids to think about what it would be like to have special powers or save humans from the bad guys. The popularity of fantasy isn’t going anywhere either.

The fantasy genre is what kids usually remember most after they grow up and move on to different genres that interest them. Who doesn’t remember Spider-Man swinging from New York skyscrapers and saving innocent citizens?

3) Nonfiction for Kids Becomes Interesting

Many books featuring nonfiction story lines are often too graphic or inappropriate for younger readers; however, there’s been a recent trend in the number of books that discuss important historical events and scientific or technological breakthroughs that are child-friendly and engaging to read. Reading stories about topics such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s march and other historic events allows kids to gain a sense of perspective.

There are lots for your children to get excited about the next time you head to a bookstore. Check out all these genres as e-books, too, in case your child prefers running his or her eyes over a screen instead of a book.

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