Top 5 Markets for the Printing Industry in 2018

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Print seems to be in a recovery stage, with the focus slowly moving away from the traditional concentrations and the entry of new sources of content and all forms of smart and interactive print.

A sneak peek at the top 5 not-so-traditional print markets that have emerged as potential print-buying industries in 2018–2019.

The packaging foods market takes the first spot with its high demand for print products. There is an increasing demand for labels and packaging. Promotional inserts and point-of-sale materials generate the most demand for this segment. The gradual transformation to aseptic reclosable gusset bags has further fortified the print demand.

The medical/pharmaceutical industry comes next. The expected health care reforms promise more demand for various print materials, such as miniature folders, POS standees, billboards, and ROP publication inserts. With impending pressure on the US government to curtail TV and cable advertisements, a further push to print can be expected.

The number 3 spot has been taken by publishing and nonnewspapers. The upsurge of short-run, special-interest printed publications and the promise of new ethnic magazines reflecting new social realities will be introduced. Among the aging population there is a predicted increase in demand for rare book replications and recreational print. Translations from the literature of other cultures and titles from backlists are being targeted by big publishers.

Telecommunications has emerged as the 4th contender. There is a lot of promise in this sector for print demand, including prepaid paperboard mobile phones sold on blister racks, static clings for permanent devices, and other exclusive content for print. Surprisingly, the once-abandoned telephone directories are experiencing a revival in the form of print phone books, as many ethnic groups, immigrants, veterans, cyclists, and similar audiences are choosing this option.

Banking/insurance fell from number 3 to number 5 for 2018. The deterrents were threats like cryptocurrency. Print demand can be expected from print advertising direct mail, signage, and fee trades.

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