Artificial Intelligence in Publishing

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For some in the publishing world, artificial intelligence may seem like a frightening and dangerous innovation. From largely fanciful concerns about robots taking jobs from human beings to alarming accounts of AI being used by foreign agents to influence American voters, artificial intelligence has a bad reputation in the eyes of many within the publishing world. However, AI is essentially just a tool, which means that it can be used for useful and benevolent purposes as effectively as it can be put to malicious, destructive ends.

Conserving Resources and Increasing Productivity

Far from being a theoretical concept in a far-off future, artificial intelligence is being put to practical uses within the publishing industry now to increase productivity by using resources in a more efficient manner. By conducting research and analysis on stories and articles, AI saves writers and editors time, allowing them to create more content.

For example, fashion magazines have employed AI to cut down the time it takes to create a “get the look” feature from 40 minutes to 40 seconds by allowing the computer to search for photographs of clothing similar to that worn by a celebrity. Major news outlets such as the Washington Post and the Associated Press now use AI to create basic stories about finance and sports, freeing up writers to concentrate on more complex topics.

Combatting Misinformation

The same technology that allows foreign agents to muddy the waters with hyperbolic political propaganda can also be used to provide clarity and steer users toward stories that are factual and honest. For example, software to gauge the accuracy of headlines in relation to the actual article content is in its infant stages, and even now, Google is using machine-learning software to sort and identify results on its News platform as analysis, news, or opinion, as well as filtering out alleged news stories that are false or misleading.

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