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Importance of Metadata Management for Publishers

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Feb 20, 2019
Publishers may not always focus on every detail of their content, and this sometimes leads to things slipping by the wayside. One example of this is metadata management. Publishers need to understand the importance of metadata so they can provide the best possible content and finished product to their client base. Although managing metadata may seem like an overwhelming task, there are purpose-built platforms available to help publishers get a handle on this plethora of information.

Defining Metadata Management

As shown in this Forbes article, metadata is often described as “data about data.” Therefore, when publishers effectively manage this type of data for their publications, they can develop a better understanding of their products and sales and gain a marked advantage in many different areas. The MIT Media Lab has talked about the importance of harnessing the power of metadata. Nicholaus Henke of McKinsey Analytics said in 2017 that a full 90 percent of data did not exist just two years prior. Therefore, it is clear that managing this rapid influx of data is a key problem that businesses, including publishers, need to solve.

Benefits of Managing Metadata

Metadata management helps publishers better understand their client base. Proper management also helps streamline the entire publishing delivery schedule, thus enhancing the end result for resellers and other stakeholders. There are a variety of benefits, features and enhancements a metadata management platform can provide to help publishers perform better:

  • Track changes in delivery schedule
  • Deliver eBooks bundled with required metadata
  • Quickly retrieve specific information on titles
  • Automate triggering of alerts
  • Reduce data redundancy and improve process efficiency

Implementing a Metadata Management Platform

When publishers understand how important metadata management is to their overall product, it becomes critical to implement an effective platform. Amnet offers a comprehensive metadata management platform called Acumeta. Visit the Amnet website to learn more about how Acumeta can benefit your publications.


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