How Much Does It Cost For Book Editing?

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As an author, writing a book is your primary responsibility. So once that’s done, you can relax, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Once your manuscript is ready, it’s time for you to look for a book editor who can polish your writing and make it ready for publication. It doesn’t matter if you have excellent command over the language and are a master of the art of writing. You must enlist the services of a professional book editor to analyze your manuscript in an unbiased manner and help weed out the smallest of mistakes.

What Does Book Editing Involve?

A book editor or copyeditor will go through the manuscript to catch errors that you, the author, have missed. This includes mistakes in punctuation, spelling, and grammar. It is also the copyeditor’s duty to ensure that your manuscript adheres to a particular style guide. Fact-checking and tweaking the writing to ensure a smooth read are some of the other duties of a copyeditor. You can opt for a freelance editor or go with a professional editing service based on your needs and budget.

Determining the Cost

Editing a book is a specialized service and could refer to one of three different types of editing or all three as well. Line editing, copyediting, and developmental editing are the three main categories of editing. Editing rates are determined normally by the page or by the word. Hourly rates are rarely used when it comes to long books. Here’s what you can expect to pay as editing costs.

How much does developmental editing cost?

In developmental editing, the editor looks at the manuscript as a whole. The editor will assess the effectiveness of the plot, characterization, and the setting. Here, the editor will also keep an eye out for issues such as plagiarism, gender bias, and other legalities involved. Due to the comprehensive nature of editing required, developmental editing often tends to be priced higher than other types of editing. The rates tend to be anywhere between 2.1 USD to 2.5 USD per 100 words.

How much does copyediting cost?

A copyeditor is given the responsibility of correcting common language errors such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar in the book. Formatting and adherence to the prescribed style guide are some other things that copyediting can help with. Copyediting rates can range from 1.1 USD to 1.5 USD per 100 words. This can go higher in the case of academic books or research books and other niche genres.

How much does line editing cost?

In line editing, the editor looks for errors by checking the manuscript line after line. This is done to ensure the prose flows smoothly. Keeping sentences brief and making them sound better are at the core of line editing. Rates range from 1.6 USD to 2 USD per 100 words.

Other factors that determine the cost of editing a book include:

  • Complexity of the work: academic works, books with many footnotes and citations, and niche topics are likely to cost more than novels.
  • Your experience as a writer: being a novice at writing can result in a higher rate of editing. This is because beginner writers are likely to need more help with their writing as opposed to more experienced authors.
  • The deadline: If your publishing deadline is looming closer and you need your work done quickly, then it is likely that the editing will be more expensive.
  • The editor’s experience: A highly experienced editor with a wide portfolio of edited works is likely to charge more than someone with lesser experience in the field.

So, decide on the type of editing your manuscript needs, and get in touch with an organization that offers book editing services. You could choose the type of editing you require or simply let an experienced book editor decide on what type of editing will make your book a better read.

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