Top 10 Creative Book Cover Design Trends & Ideas 2021

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When thinking about the cover design of a book, it is essential to remember that this will be the first thing your target audience will see. A well-designed book cover is a great visual sales strategy. A book cover design that is in keeping with new trends is likely to catch the eye of readers much easily. So, here are the top book cover trends to watch out for in 2021.

  • The Bold and the Beautiful

It looks like bold typography is here to stay. This trend in book design has been around a while and it seems likely to continue its run through 2021. Creative yet clean fonts that make the print look lively are sure to appeal to bookworms.

  • Illusion of Depth

It requires a great deal of creativity to bring about an illusion of depth on a flat surface such as a book cover. It is also a great way of telling the reader that the book they are looking at has a great deal of depth.

  • Minimalism is the Keyword

Simple and straightforward designs that use just one color and one image make a strong statement. They draw focus to the title or image that indicates the core content of the book. This uncluttered style is a top choice when it comes to e-book covers.

  • Go Pink

One color that is likely to top the charts when it comes to book cover trends in 2021 is pink, millennial pink to be precise. This muted variation of the familiar pink shade with undertones of grey and cream has been found to appeal to a much wider audience.

  • Blur it Out

Blurred out patterns and images on the book cover give it a psychedelic touch. These give a futuristic tinge to the book and have the power to mesmerize anyone who picks it up. This creative book design has been in vogue over the past couple of years and seems poised to continue its long run.

  • Mixing Up Text With Imagery

The unique method of using letters as objects, abstract or otherwise, that say something about the contents of the book is an effective one. Laying images over text and intertwining the two are some ways of being creative with this design trend.

  • Use of Real Photos

The use of authentic and real photographs instead of stock images is fast catching up and is expected to gain momentum in 2021. Actual photographs are a powerful tool that can evoke feelings in the readers and make them feel a connection to the book.

  • Handiwork to the Forefront

Illustrations drawn by hand and handwritten text are all set to adorn book covers in the new year. This kind of book illustration gives the design a human touch and can be tweaked as necessary to appeal to the feelings and emotions of readers. 

  • Retro is Back in Style

Old is gold and so are retro influences when it comes to book covers. See the olden times come to life with vibrant colors from the 1970s, renaissance imagery, and antique fonts.

  • Collages in the Spotlight

Collages open up a world of creative possibilities in book cover design. Their versatility makes them perfect when you are seeking a unique look. Shapes and textures can be combined in an innovative way to provide an original look with just the right hint of what the book’s all about.

Tips for Designing the Best Covers

Now that you know what is likely to trend in book cover design for 2021, here are some things to remember when you sit down to work on it.  

  • Put together the basics – front cover design, back cover design with author bio, and an attractive spine to go with the rest.
  • Research well – check out the book design trends in the specific genre of the book and find out what sells in the target market.
  • Choose wisely – pick the fonts and graphics based on the contents.
  • Seek feedback – get in touch with industry experts and prospective readers about their views about the cover design and make changes only if you find it necessary.

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